Hello Flare, I was expecting you

Working for 4 days, having one day off, then working 6 days straight is not fun for anyone, but for me it was basically torture. I knew it was going to be a tough couple weeks and I knew it was going to catch up to me. Surprisingly, I thought the flare-up would arrive sooner. I’m in pain after every work day, but yesterday I really started to feel it. Then when I woke up this morning it took everything in me to actually get up and shower. Ugh, showering is such a project. I knew today was going to be awful when I put my makeup on and it hurt. Yeah, my face hurt. I somehow survived my 9-hour shift, came home and made a sandwich for dinner (because cooking? really?) and got in bed. I am very happy that I have a 3-day weekend. My husband and I both have tomorrow off (which is a rare occurrence) so the plan is to sleep in a bit and do a little shopping in the morning. I desperately need some new clothes and we have to go to the bank to change our address and order new checks. (Over 2 months after the fact. Oops.) I plan on doing nothing but resting for the remainder of the day and the weekend. I need to tell my boss at some point that I can’t do the type of schedule that I had the last 2 weeks. Days off aren’t just for fun, they’re very necessary for me to rest. I’m already overexerting myself every single day, which is probably why it seems like my medication isn’t working and I’m not feeling any less pain. Everyone I work with knows what I have, they just either don’t care or don’t fully understand. Or both. I don’t want to complain constantly but I don’t know how to convey how I feel. Especially on days like today, it would’ve been nice to sit for a few minutes (aside from my break) but it didn’t happen. So glad I’ll be away from there for a few days. I’m so aggravated with both customers and coworkers at this point and I need a mental and physical break.

With that said, I’m going to grab a little snack and then try to get some sleep. Thanks for reading.


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