Work, pain, and a fibro ad

Today is my only day off. I worked 4 days and tomorrow I begin a 6 day work week. The funny thing is I got a text asking if I could come in today because “so-and-so called out”. That’s unfortunate and it’s going to be a crappy day for them, but I seriously can’t work 11 days in a row. I’d be happy to help if it was a week where I had less hours or something but that’s not the case. It’s my time of the month and I’m in a LOT of pain right now from that and the 35 hours I worked so far. I have a lot I know I should do, but the main focus today is to rest.

Speaking of fibro and resting, I was watching my Red Sox on TV the other night and a commercial came on for Jordan’s Furniture. I only heard of it from watching NESN so I guess the store is in the Massachusetts area, but anyway, they were advertising mattresses. The guy said “These are great if you have fibromyalgia, arthritis, [etc]…” and my eyes lit up with excitement. I can’t tell you how happy I was to hear “fibromyalgia” on a commercial!!! I know Lyrica is also advertised, but this was different. This was good publicity for the condition. Yes, the point was to sell mattresses but I don’t care. Awareness is key. So thanks to Jordan’s Furniture for putting fibromyalgia out there 🙂

Ok, the pain has gotten to the point of unbearable so I’m going to rest on my very comfortable mattress for hopefully most of the day. Thanks for reading.


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