I wrote a blog post earlier today about today being a day spent in bed, doing pretty much nothing. All I wanted to do was take a nap because I woke up still feeling exhausted from these past couple weeks. I wasted a day off just trying to get to sleep. Anyone ever do that? You try too hard to fall asleep and you can’t. There were some distractions– One time my mom called, then another time I had to take the laundry out of the dryer. Then my mind was all over the place, thinking about how much time I have to rest, when I should start dinner… I almost yelled at myself saying “SHUT UP! Can’t you just RELAX?!” I’m so frustrated… I wanted to catch up on sleep and feel refreshed and relaxed. Now I’m anxious and upset because today was a complete waste. My head is pounding, I feel like a zombie, I’m anxious and uncomfortable… this isn’t helping my case for work tomorrow and the week ahead. I wish there was an “off-switch” for my brain. GRRR. 😦


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