Starting a New Chapter

I haven’t wrtten in a while due to the craziness of moving and working so I’m glad I can finally post an update. We officially moved into our condo on Tuesday as that was our furniture delivery day and our first overnight stay. I love it here so far, it’s great to be on our own and have space. We were so cramped at my parents’ house. Our cat made the adjustment quicker than expected. She lived at my parents’ with me for 10 years so this was a big change for her too. She seems to like it here and is doing well so far. It’s slowly starting to look like a home, but we still need a bunch of stuff – small kitchen table, end tables, night stands, book case, curtains, etc. Money talks, though. We’ll have to get them a little bit at a time.

As happy as I am to be starting this new chapter in my life, it was a painful week. When I got home from work Thursday night I was almost in tears. I hurt everywhere and there were no words to express how exhausted I was. I’m in the middle of a long weekend though. Yesterday (Friday) I had an appointment in the morning but otherwise did nothing. So far today I’ve done… well, nothing. Part of me feels lazy, but I really do need the extra rest. My husband and I might go shopping later tonight, depending on what time he gets out of work.

I not only changed my home, I also changed my medication. I had been taking Lyrica for the past 6 months but my insurance sucks and the dosage I was on (100mg 2x a day) was costing me $200 a month (and that’s with a Pfizer coupon). Since I now have a mortgage (and a ton of other bills), there’s no way I could afford it. My rheumatologist told me to try Gabapentin again. I tried it in the past and thought I had a reaction to it, however it could’ve been from something else. Those two drugs are in the same family so he said I didn’t need to ween myself off Lyrica. I started it yesterday, 300mg 2x a day for now, then I’ll increase to 3x a day. Hopefully it’ll work. At least the price is right; it cost me $0.99! Can’t complain about that.

I’m going to be working 5 days a week from now on and I’m honestly scared. I did it 3 weeks in a row and it was painful. My 4 day weeks are hard enough to recover from. I have to do it though… we need all the income we can get. I thought my stress level would improve after we moved in, but my brain only shifted what to be stressed about.

Thanks for reading.


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