Moving is painful. Literally.

So as I said in a earlier post, we closed on our condo on Friday after a very long, drawn out process to get our mortgage loan. We couldn’t be happier that all that bs is over. We began to move boxes in on Friday night with the help of my in-laws. It was so nice of them and saved us some trips. We’ve been slowly moving stuff in but it’s been hard with our work schedules not lining up. We stayed at the condo late last night unpacking and I woke up today feeling awful. I should’ve rested all day and instead went to a couple stores to get some things we need. I have a 10-hour work day tomorrow, then I’m off Tuesday with my husband for our official move-in day. We’re getting our bed, mattress, couch, and dining set delivered so it’ll be our first night there. I work Wednesday and Thursday and then have Friday-Sunday off. 

I am so tired I can’t see straight, and the pain is so bad I don’t have words to describe it. I’m throbbing everywhere. Tomorrow is going to be rough, and even though I’m off Tuesday, it’s not exactly a day of relaxation. I’ve definitely done way more than I should have in this moving process. Carrying boxes that were too heavy, bending over too much, all the unpacking/organizing… I couldn’t let my husband do everything. He’s done so much already and I want to feel like I helped. Now I’m paying for it of course. I thought I would’ve had more time to rest this weekend. Can’t wait until Friday when I can finally be in my home so I can rest and not worry about anything. Gonna be a loooong week.


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