Closing Time

Today is the day my husband and I are FINALLY closing on our condo! Everyone keeps asking me if I’m excited, and of course I’m thrilled to finally have a home to call our own, however the process of moving is not the least bit exciting. For someone with chronic pain, the mere thought of moving is exhausting and painful. No, I won’t be doing any heavy lifting of course, but I’ll be unpacking and organizing. The packing itself has been awful for me. I almost cried last night because of the pain.

Anyway, today is going to take forever. I’m actually at my rheumatologist’s office right now waiting for him to come in. After my appointment, I’m meeting my husband at our condo for a walk-through with the condo board and whoever else. Then we go to our lawyer’s office at 3 to sign the paperwork. (It’s like 9:30am-ish right now). A big gap in the middle of the day and we can’t even start moving because we have to sign the paperwork first! Ugh. After we’re done officially closing, we have to use whatever daylight is left to physically start moving. My husband and I only have 2 days off together – today and Tuesday (furniture delivery day). It just makes things harder of course. I’m no help at all and can’t get anything done this weekend except for some shopping. Nothing is ever easy. Can’t wait to just be in my new home. 

Song of the Day: Semisonic – Closing Time “Closing time, every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”


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